Our instruments are guaranteed to perform and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We will replace (at our option) the defective implement FREE.


We sharpen our Tweezers, Nippers and Scissors which have become dull through normal use FREE for as long as the implement can be resharpened. No processing fees. No Shipping & Handling fees on return.

If the Tweezers, Nippers or Scissors becomes damaged and cannot be sharpened, we will send you a coupon to purchase a new implement at half its current suggested price, redeemable on Siatra.lt. Your original instrument will not be returned. If nipper springs break, we replace them at no charge.


Siatra warranties do not apply to products that have been misused, modified or repaired by anyone other than Siatra Service Center. Normal wear and tear is not covered under our Manufacturer warranty programs.

Implements that have not been cleaned will not be sharpened or replaced. To clean your stainless steel implement, follow the Use & Care directions on the packaging and make sure to wipe tool tips/ends/blades thoroughly and carefully with rubbing alcohol and a cloth or tissue.


Thank you for your understanding that implements that have not been cleaned by the customer will not be sharpened or replaced.