Who knew there were so many types of tweezers? Everyone you talk to seems to have a favourite, though basically, any well-made tweezers will do what it’s supposed to do for you—to a point.

Nonetheless, there are actually so many types of tweezers that, when you include variations in tips, size, material, and finish, choosing what you need seems fairly tricky. But, not to worry—I am here to walk you through this.

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Pointed Tweezers

I’m starting with these because they require a cautionary note. Unless you’re someone who is very comfortable with this type of tweezers, you probably shouldn’t use them. The tips on these tweezers are really sharp and to use them safely, a number of things must be just right (i.e., perfect): the light, your vision, and the steadiness of your hand.

Creating Your Perfect Eyebrows

So one fact stands out from everything I’ve read and experienced: When your eyebrows are shaped and plucked properly, you not only look well-groomed, you feel terrific. Your eyebrow shape is important not only because it can complement your face shape, but also because it plays such an important role in helping your face to be expressive. Of course, you can have your brows done professionally, but that always puts you at the mercy of someone else’s schedule—to say nothing of the assault on your wallet.

A happy compromise is to find the hottest eyebrow boutique in your town, let them do their best work for you, go home and take a picture of yourself, and then try to reproduce the job when you need it. And, if you do it frequently, all you’ll have to do for a long time is simply pluck the stray hairs around your newly shaped eyebrows as they grow in.

Need more guidance on choosing a tweezers?

Siatra carries four different type of tweezers–each of which we regard as top performers. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some differences between the brands; it’s just that the major differences are simply a matter of degree and personal preference, some more subtle than others: Fit and finish (how it looks and feels), alignment (how precisely the tips come together to grasp hair), firmness (how soft or rigid the construction is), and price. We’ve organized them into two categories to simplify the selection process.

Premium Quality: excellent all-around tweezers, less expensive than professional-quality tweezers but very solid performers.

Superior Quality: For more discriminating users, these tweezers offer a more refined tweezing experience. Exacting precision. A bit expensive.