Not all brows work for one face, and one brow shape cannot work for all faces.

The magic about eyebrows is that they can help you slightly alter the illusion of your face shape or enhance it. The best part? The right eyebrows for your face can shed off years from your face!

Regardless if you’re a man, a woman, a male, a female, or neither, eyebrows are fundamental to shaping your face in the way that YOU want. We all want to look good, and it starts with good looking eyebrows that match your good looks (yes, you are beautiful :D).

MYTH BUSTER: Out in the media, there is said to be TWO ways to shaping your brows: feminine and masculine.

In our opinion and experience, shaping eyebrows for binary gender (man and woman) has no differences. Thicker eyebrows are more bold and thinner eyebrows are more classic looking. You choose whichever brow shape will help you achieve whatever look you want. Period.

Lastly, noses are different. Everyone has different sizes. With that said, measuring eyebrow points to create the best eyebrow for you is different. If you have a slimmer nose like Angelina Jolie’s, use her photo as a guide. If you have a larger nose, use the top photo as a guide.

The difference between the two is that the top photo starts from the ball point of the nose because if one were to start at the side of their nose, they would shape their eyebrows too far apart which could result in sad looking eyebrows. Slimmer noses start at the side of the nose and usually result with the perfect start of their brows without overcompensating them.

Notice how those with larger noses should start their brows and aim their arch from the SAME starting point (the ball of the nose), but the end of the brow needs to be measured starting at the edge of the nose.

Any Questions ?

Square faces: Look best with thicker brows because the thickness will balance the powerful, lovely face shape.
Align the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jaw to balance out the strong jaw line.

Round faces: Look best with arched eyebrows because the height will elongate the face, balancing out the round face shape.

Long faces: Look best with flat, low-arched, long eyebrows because the shape will widen the face verses elongating the face even more.

Heart-shaped faces: Look best with rounder eyebrows to help soften the pointy chin.

Oval faces: Look best with sculpted eyebrows with any height of arch. If your eyebrows are closer to your eyes, lift them up by giving yourself a higher arch to open the area around your eyes.

TIP: Tweeze any hair off of your body right after a warm shower. Your pores will be more opened, which will result in less pain when tweezing. :)